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A non-profit organization lending a hand to people in need since 1966

Individuals seeking treatment for a loved one with a chronic drug addiction problem should be educated on the subject of drug addiction. The following information was compiled to fulfill this need. We hope you find it helpful.

To truly understand the type of treatment that is appropriate for individuals with a chronic drug addiction problem it is important to understand the mechanisms that are at work. Drug addiction could be defined as; a constant and unrelenting effort to obtain drugs in order to alter the feelings and perceptions of the person using them. Another facet of drug addiction is; the brain adapts to the presence of drugs and make adjustments accordingly. Because of these chemical changes in the brain due to the constant use of drugs, when a drug abuser attempts to halt their drug use the brain signals the individual that the drug is needed. This is a major cause of drug cravings. All drug abusers experience drug cravings for some period of time after ceasing drug use, that is a basic fact. This phenomenon will diminish over time as brain function returns to normal. Drug addiction typically involves habitual routines in the environmental scope of the individual i.e. the locations they use drugs, the people they hang out with, etc. In other words drug addiction is not just drug use, it also revolves around people and things in their immediate environment which help to reinforce the addictive behavior. The individual's proximity & routines therein are what help to hold their addiction in place. It is the constant negative activities of their day to day life that perpetuates the problem and inhibits the native desire to stop ruining their life through the use of drugs.

The above factors should not be over looked when considering a treatment center location. The first 2 weeks of treatment are always the most difficult. There are a lot of mechanisms at work to make this so. In addition to what has been covered above, a more basic factor is; people are creatures of habit. Changes in a persons life even when they are overwhelmingly positive & beneficial, does not guarantee the individual will have no thoughts of missing past negative activities such as, drugs, drug acquaintances and drug activities. Believe it or not this is the normal reactive auto response of most human beings; to do what they are familiar with good or bad. It is not really that they miss these things, it is just all that they have known for some time. Due to these factors, attending a drug rehab close to home is seldom the correct treatment option for chronic drug abusers. It is extremely therapeutic to be distanced from the people they used drugs with, drug dealers, and the surroundings that can continue to stimulate their past addictive behaviors.

For individuals with a severe drug addiction problem, choosing a long term inpatient drug rehab program may be another significant key to a successful outcome.

By providing a new, safe environment, distanced from their past friends and familiar surroundings for an extended period of time, the chance for success increases dramatically.

Our program provides people with positive circumstances to increase their chances for a successful recovery. The vast majority of students entering our program, around (88%), are from out of state or from other countries.

Our program is unique in that, we are the only program with a 76% success rate backed by our solid guarantee. If any student of our program has any difficulty within six months of the program completion we will re-admit them at no cost.

There are many benefits to attending ; here are just a few:

  • is fully licensed & certified by the state.

  • We are a long term inpatient treatment program. All students can stay as long as they need to. In general the length of the program is about 2 to 5 months.

  • We are the only program that provides a six month guarantee.

  • Our success rate of 76% is the highest in the industry.

  • We do not use psychiatric medications as part of our treatment philosophy.

  • Medical Detox, if necessary, is provided by a local hospital.

  • Individuals have access to a medical doctor 24 hours a day.

  • We are leaders in the field of drug addiction recovery. Our program has been helping individuals recover from drug addiction for over three decades.

  • Our program not only addresses the students drug addiction but also improves the individuals ability to identify and solve problems, improve communication and study skills.

  • Our program also helps to restore personal ethics regarding their responsibility toward their family and others in general.

  • The New Life Detoxification Program eliminates accumulated drug residuals from the body through an all natural regimen of vitamins, exercise and sauna thereby reducing the risk of future drug cravings and relapse due to left over drugs in the body.

  • We provide individuals with a safe environment to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitate their native sense of goodness.