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 Newport,Pennsylvania Township police arrest three after discovering meth lab.
Newport,Pennsylvania Township police have arrested three people on drug charges following the discovery of a ...
 Utah state officials propose drug-testing in workplace.
SALT LAKE CITY,Utah -- A proposed drug-testing program for state employees would be narrowly focused ...
 Major police operation ends in drugs haul.
Police in Medway,England believe they have effectively taken out a suspected major drugs network. The ...
 Conference focuses on link between diversity and drug abuse
Acting as a seeming counterbalance to the notorious debauchery of Spring Break, today's Seventh Annual ...
 The fight against drug addiction
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has introduced a program that would fund acupuncture detoxification and prescription ...
 Police arrest ex-Heartland doctor on drug charge
A former Heartland Regional Medical Center doctor was arrested late Tuesday for possessing a drug ...
 Woman sentenced for helping drug ring
The former co-owner of a nonprofit company that helped Hawai'i residents resolve their credit problems ...
 Their child was abducted - by drug addiction
A father walks into his son's room. He looks around at the stuff teen-age boys ...
 Drugs Cocaine
Sat, 03/15/03 Cocaine is now top street drug by Claire Connolly Doyle DRUG squad members ...
 Teaching the dangers of drug addiction
It's not always easy for parents to admit they need to learn more about illegal ...
 Concerned parents look at drug abuse
About 60 parents got an eye-opening education Tuesday on what their kids might be doing ...

Drug Facts

From 1997 to 2000 cocaine was the most common drug reported in emergency room episodes.

Drug abuse refers to the use of a drug for purposes for which it was not attended, or using a drug in excessive quantities.

The courts have felt the effects of the meth invasion, with several distinct courts overloaded with cases. Many are being dropped because of delays in meth testing at state laboratories.

Law enforcement sources have reported an increase in the diversion of OxyContin and other medication containing oxycodone. This increase in illegal use has been especially apparent on the East Coast. The increase in the abuse of OxyContin has lead to an i

Their child was abducted - by drug addiction

A father walks into his son's room. He looks around at the stuff teen-age boys collect - tickets to a Reds game, posters of cars and rock stars, abandoned toys, little plastic sports trophies. The dad breaks down in tears.
"I would walk into my son's room and see the pictures on the wall and I would just sit down and cry," he says months later, still choking up over scrambled eggs at a Big Boy. "I felt like my son had died and I was in mourning."
It was close. His son was leading a secret life as a good student in the marching band, "a joy to have in class," the teachers said.
But while his parents slept in their upper middle class suburban home, he would sneak out and drive his father's SUV to the inner city to score drugs. "He didn't even have a driver's license," his father said. "He told me later he had guns and knives pulled on him more than a few times."
One day the kid took a gun to school, intending to shoot himself in the head because he was so lost in the lightless pit of ink-black despair.
This is a horror story. But it's also a story of hope.
The dad still has a hard time talking about it. But now his tears are tears of joy that he has his son back. "If you could see the kids who are in treatment, you would never guess they were on drugs," he said.
He never guessed, either, until a friend of their son called to tell him where to find his hidden stash.
Other kids are not so lucky.
The soul-snatcher witch heroin is making a comeback. On Wednesday, the Enquirer carried a story about three dead teens in Northern Kentucky. "Suspected heroin deaths push fear into the suburbs," the headline said.
Anyone who walks the streets where drug pushers do their bold business can spot the white kids in mom's SUV, buying dope. But most families never believe it can happen on their street, in their neighborhood, in their daughter's classroom, in their son's bedroom.

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