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 Newport,Pennsylvania Township police arrest three after discovering meth lab.
Newport,Pennsylvania Township police have arrested three people on drug charges following the discovery of a ...
 Utah state officials propose drug-testing in workplace.
SALT LAKE CITY,Utah -- A proposed drug-testing program for state employees would be narrowly focused ...
 Major police operation ends in drugs haul.
Police in Medway,England believe they have effectively taken out a suspected major drugs network. The ...
 Conference focuses on link between diversity and drug abuse
Acting as a seeming counterbalance to the notorious debauchery of Spring Break, today's Seventh Annual ...
 The fight against drug addiction
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has introduced a program that would fund acupuncture detoxification and prescription ...
 Police arrest ex-Heartland doctor on drug charge
A former Heartland Regional Medical Center doctor was arrested late Tuesday for possessing a drug ...
 Woman sentenced for helping drug ring
The former co-owner of a nonprofit company that helped Hawai'i residents resolve their credit problems ...
 Their child was abducted - by drug addiction
A father walks into his son's room. He looks around at the stuff teen-age boys ...
 Drugs Cocaine
Sat, 03/15/03 Cocaine is now top street drug by Claire Connolly Doyle DRUG squad members ...
 Teaching the dangers of drug addiction
It's not always easy for parents to admit they need to learn more about illegal ...
 Concerned parents look at drug abuse
About 60 parents got an eye-opening education Tuesday on what their kids might be doing ...

Drug Facts

In recent years, over 8 million Americans aged 12 or older reported driving while under the influence of illegal drugs.

90% of property crimes and muggings are drug related.

Reaction time for motor skills such as driving is reduced by 41% after smoking one marijuana joint and is reduced 63% after smoking two joints.

Most prison inmates have a drug dependency.

Woman sentenced for helping drug ring

The former co-owner of a nonprofit company that helped Hawai'i residents resolve their credit problems was sentenced yesterday to a year in prison after pleading guilty in July 2001 to a federal money laundering conspiracy charge.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Thomas said Yvonne Haxton admitted converting large sums made up of $10 and $20 bills into a smaller number of $100 bills so it would be easier for a ring of men importing heroin from Mexico to Hawai'i to take the cash to Mexico.
Haxton and her husband, Michael Haxton, formerly owned and managed Hawai'i Credit Counseling Services. Michael Haxton is to be sentenced Monday on the same charge.
Federal Judge Susan Mollway praised Yvonne Haxton for turning her life around by kicking her drug habit and helping others do the same. But Mollway said she felt it was necessary to impose at least some prison time for Haxton as a form of punishment.
She ordered Haxton to serve four months in jail, probably at the Federal Detention Center near the airport, followed by an additional 240 days in jail to be served during three-day stays on weekends.
Haxton's lawyer, Sam King Jr., had sought to keep Haxton from going to prison, saying it would likely do her no good and would be a loss to others whom Haxton is helping fight drug addiction problems.
Haxton was also fined $5,000 and was told to turn herself in to start serving the jail term on May 19.

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